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Practice Areas for Newton, Massachusetts

Contact us to see that your rights are protected and your interests looked after by qualified legal professionals. We serve individuals and businesses across a variety of practice areas, such as those listed below.

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences that will ever be endured. It is rarely simple and is often extraordinarily complicated. The dissolution of a marriage can involve a complex process of dividing marital assets. This can include not just the family home and its contents but also such things as stock options, pension plans, investments, and business interests. We have expertise readily available to sort through, evaluate, and actively resolve each of these difficult issues.
You need reliable and objective advice to steer a course through a process where making the right choices is so critical. We know how to negotiate and we know how to litigate. At the same time, we know what works and what doesn't, what is achievable and what isn't, and what is needed to keep your case on track. Whatever alternatives are best for you, our law firm can handle them.
In addition to our extensive experience in divorce, separation, and child custody matters, we are knowledgeable and skilled in negotiating and preparing pre-nuptial agreements and most other family law matters.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a very broad practice area that refers to legal disputes between individuals not seeking criminal penalties, but some sort of restitution—usually monetary. Civil litigation lawyers represent parties in such disputes as trials, hearings, arbitration and mediation.
We do everything in our power to resolve your dispute without having to go to court and without things getting ugly. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do so. If we do end up in court, we fight hard and use everything at our disposal to get you the best possible outcome.

Corporate/Business Law

Whether you are starting a new business venture, purchasing or selling a business, or are currently operating a business, Harrington & Harrington, Attorneys at Law, of Newton, Massachusetts, can assist you. Harrington & Harrington, Attorneys at Law, has represented corporations and businesses for over 50 years. Do you have business disputes, insurance litigation or even simple contract needs? Who is YOUR legal corporate counsel?
If you are starting a new business, there are a few issues you need to consider. Our corporate attorneys can help analyze these issues for your particular circumstances and help prepare documents such as IRS applications, corporate bylaws or operating agreements, and shareholder or membership agreements, as appropriate. In certain instances, a general or limited partnership or a joint venture may be the best alternative, and our attorneys can prepare the necessary partnership agreements. Or if you are creating a not-for-profit entity, our attorneys can help insure that you properly meet the filing requirements of the IRS.
If you are purchasing or selling a business, our attorneys can help you understand the options and help negotiate and documents for the best terms for your transaction. If you are operating a business, you constantly face issues regarding new or existing business contracts, potential disputes between the shareholders regarding management decisions or accounting for business profits, and protection of your trade secrets and company identity. You may need to terminate the business either through the voluntary or involuntary dissolution and wind-down. Our corporate attorneys can help you understand the legal issues, plan for your protection, and assert your rights.
The best way for you to protect yourself is to understand and address your options and issues before they become problems. The experienced corporate attorneys at the law firm of Harrington & Harrington, Attorneys at Law, can help you with the legal process so that you can focus on the growth and profitability of your business.

Real Estate

We handle virtually all aspects of residential and commercial real estate law. We protect buyers purchasing a home or sellers in need of protection while selling a home. Real estate is an essential part of the Massachusetts economy. Whether you are a large developer or simply buying or selling a home, you need real estate counsel from a trusted law firm.
Harrington & Harrington also represents landlords and tenants of all commercial uses. Our real estate practice knows there are many pitfalls in what may be presented as a ""standard form lease"" and competent representation by an experienced attorney in leasing matters is essential.
Our attorneys represent clients, including comprehensive plan amendments, zoning, plat approvals, developments of regional impact, sector plans, annexations, and any matter related to the involvement of local or state government. Contact us to ensure you're getting your rightful due in all your real estate law matters.

Estate Planning

Harrington & Harrington, Attorneys at Law, provides a wide spectrum of estate planning services. Too many people wait until it is too late likely resulting in more stress and higher costs. Don't wait until a tragedy strikes before you start addressing these issues for yourself or for your family members. For more than 50 years, we've represented clients dealing with contested wills, trusts and guardianships. When families fight over a deceased member's estate or argue over the guardianship of a loved one, it becomes a highly emotional event. Estate planning is one way to remove any uncertainty to your end-of-life preparation questions. Through a series of documents, you will ensure that your wishes are memorialized in a legally sufficient and binding way.
The future is uncertain, now more than ever. Estate planning is one way for an individual to take charge of his or her future by documenting his financial assets and health care choices while they are still able. Estate planning is not only for the elderly or the wealthy, it is for anyone who wishes to make his choices legally effective. We can help prepare the following among other estate planning needs:
Last Will and Testament—Memorializes Your Decision Regarding How Your Assets Will Be Distributed at Your Death
Durable Power of Attorney—Authorizes Designated Person to Execute Legal Documents on Your Behalf If You Are Unable
Medical Directive (Living Will)—Memorializes Your Decisions Regarding End of Life Medical Care
Designation Health Care Proxy—Authorizes Designated Person to Make Health Care Decisions for You If You Are Unable
Declaration of Pre-Need Guardian—Memorializes Your Choices for Guardianship of You, Your Assets, and Your Children
Medical Records Privacy Waiver—Authorizes Medical Personnel to Release Information Regarding Your Health to Designated Person
Our lawyers also manage cases involving insurance companies, benefits, retirement plans, and other estate planning matters that you may encounter as you plan for and reach your retirement. We negotiate to get you what you are entitled to and fight for your rights when necessary. Some individuals may require additional documents to address their particular concerns or needs. One of several various types of trusts may be advantageous for example. Other individuals have needs to address tax concerns, probate avoidance or more. Our law firm is able to assist you by analyzing your situation, addressing your concerns, and creating the best documents for you.
Contact us to see that your rights are protected and your interests are looked after by qualified legal professionals.